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Ireland is not just a country famous for its beautiful countryside, stunning coastline, gorgeous beer, and friendly locals, it is also an incredibly artistic country well-liked amongst artists and creatives alike.

If you’re into your arts and crafts, Ireland has plenty to offer you.

Here’s a look at 8 Irish craft Business you must check out the next time you’re feeling creative and artistic.

Inspiring Ideas

First up we have Inspiring Ideas.

This arts and crafts shop is a crafts store which stocks everything you could ever want to satisfy your creative cravings.

Located in the centre of Dublin, this shop has it all from tracing paper and sewing kits, to paint and textured fabrics.

Vibes and Scribes

Want some positive vibes in your life? If so, then be sure to check out Vibes and Scribes the next time you’re in Cork.

Vibes and Scribes have everything that a keen hobbyist could ever want, including coloured wool and yarns.

As an added bonus, they often hold in-store demonstrations so you can learn as you shop.

Connemara Candles

Located in Galway, Connemara Candles is a family-run business established more than three decades ago, that specialises in candles, as you can probably guess from the name.

Candle-making is hugely satisfying and very rewarding, plus it’s fun to do.

Here only the very finest-quality paraffin wax is used, so you know the products are top notch.

Thomas Diem Pottery

Stoke may be known as the pottery capital of the world, but that doesn’t mean that Ireland can’t get in on the action and create some truly stunning pottery creations.

Here we have the superb Thomas Diem Pottery in Co. Meath which specializes in beautiful contemporary and traditional pottery, the likes of which you would normally expect to find in a gallery.

The Favour Shop

Need a favour? Then check out The Favour Shop.

This shop specializes in home décor and DIY so if you want to get creative around the home, this Ireland-based online business is the perfect place to stock up on your materials, gadgets, gizmos, and anything else needed to make a house a home, and using an Irish VPN you can ensure your shopping experience is safe.

Silkes Art and Stationary

As you can tell by the name of the shop, Silkes Art and Stationary is a business that is ideal for those of you who are into your art.

From beautiful embellishments and crayons, to oil and water-based paints, Silkes, based in Limerick has everything you need to create your own masterpieces.

They also have an online store.

The Crafty Fox

The Crafty Fox has won multiple awards over the years, and for good reason.

Supplying beautiful wools, fabrics, buttons, books, felts, and other materials and accessories, it is a hobbyist’s dream shopping destination.

If you’re in Drogheda, be sure to pop in and grab what you need.


Last up we have Hickeys.

Hickeys is ideal for experienced and novice sewers alike.

With knowledgeable staff, a wide range of fabrics and materials, and stores in Galway, Cork, Limerick, and Dublin, they have everything you could ever want, and a little more on top.