Mountain Walks

Do you love the countryside and the great outdoors? Of course you do, who wouldn’t?


If you are partial to getting outside, getting some fresh air, being amongst nature, and getting some beneficial exercise in the process, hiking is one of the best activities you could wish for.

Whereas the UK is home to some truly stunning countryside, those who have visited Dublin, Ireland, will no doubt be familiar with the stunning Wicklow Mountains National Park.

Situated a mere 30 minutes from the city of Dublin, the Wicklow Mountains National Parks is perfect for getting outdoors, as it has so much to offer us all. From barren moorlands to dense woodland and rolling hills, there’s something for everybody here.

If you’re feeling inspired to lace up your hiking boots and enjoy Mother Nature in all her glory, the Wicklow Mountains National Park is ideal.

To help inspire you, here are several Wicklow Mountains walks for you to consider for your next outdoors adventure.

The Wicklow Way

The first walk we have for you today is the aptly titled Wicklow Way.

With a distance of 127Km, there’s certainly more than enough of the great outdoors to see and experience on this walk.

Interestingly enough, the Wicklow Way was actually one of the very first established hiking trails in all of Ireland, and to this day it still remains a firm favourite amongst keen hikers and ramblers alike.

Despite being so popular, the trail is still nice and secluded thanks to its vast size, so if you want solitude and nature, you’re at the right place. Here you will find glacial valleys, streams, farmland, forests, moorland, and much more besides.

The Wicklow way literally has something for everybody.

The Spinc

Second up, we have The Spinc, located in Glendalough.

If you’re looking for a trail that you could potentially cover in a day, this is the ideal spot as it is just 9Km in size.

Don’t let its small size fool you, though, because due to the uneven and mountainous terrain, the Spinc is far from easy to navigate, so it certainly isn’t for beginners.

Here you’ll begin at a Medieval monastery in Glendalough, before making your way through terrain that would look more at home in a fantasy epic.

Forests, glacial valleys, mountain tops, and the Glendalough lakes are just some of the sights you’ll see when you embark on this truly special walk.


Blessington, Greenway is the next walk we have for you today, and it’s another beauty.

For those of you looking to walk the dogs or kids, or simply just enjoy a nice and easy walk at a leisurely pace amongst tranquil surroundings, Blessington is perfect.

One hour from the city, is just 5.5Km in size, so you could easily complete it in half a day, and still find time to enjoy a delicious picnic or head out for a spot of lunch.

If all of that hiking has made you hungry and a picnic won’t cut it, you can head to nearby Russborough House and enjoy lunch and an ice cold bitter Shandy before heading back.

The Tinahely Loop

If you want a walk that will test your stamina and endurance somewhat, and take a fair deal longer to complete, then the Tinahely Loop is perfect.

The walk itself is perfect as it combines segments from numerous other walks (some of which are included on our list today) to give you a bit of everything.

You’ll begin the walk in the village of Tinahely, which in itself is gorgeous and is home to numerous cafes, pubs, and shops. After leaving the village you’ll find yourself getting more and more rural, encountering farmland, mountains, hills, valleys, woodland, and much more besides.

Upon completing the loop, it would be rude not to reward yourself with a drink and a slice of cake at many of the eateries in the village.

The Sugar Loaf Trail

Even the name of this trail sounds magical, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

This walk is stunning and unmissable, due to its unique conical shape and will take you along mountain tracks which are smooth, even, and easy on the feet.

For a quick and easy hike, the Sugar Loaf Trail is perfect as it is a mere 2.5Km in size, with a max elevation of just 500 metres.

If you’ve an hour to kill and want to get some fresh air and clear your mind, this is the perfect trail to explore.

Bray Head Cliff Walk

So far we’ve enjoyed all manner of different settings for our walks, other than coastal. Well, that’s now about to chance.

Next up we have Bray Head Cliff Walk, which takes place along the stunning, yet rugged Bray coastline.

It is classed as moderate/easy as it is just 7.7Km in size, but it is still testing, especially when the wind is up, which is not uncommon due to its coastal location.

Set between the cliffs of Bray and Greystones, the path, although well maintained, can get muddy in the autumn and winter, but offers beautiful panoramic views of the coast of the Irish Sea, as well as the Wicklow Mountains themselves.

To make life even easier, if you don’t want to walk back, the DART services operate on the start and finish points of this walk, so you can take public transport back if you feel tired, or if the weather turns perhaps.

Avoca Red Kite Loop

And finally, last but certainly not least, we have the Avoca Red Kite Loop.

Situated a mere 15-minute drive from Bray DART station, the Avoca Red Kite Loop is small, coming in at just 2.5Km, yet because of the uneven terrain, it is best for those with a decent amount of fitness and walking/hiking experience.

It is a hike featuring steep hills and inclines, as well as a gorgeous forest trail like something from a Fairy Tale.

As the forest is home to a diverse array of wildlife, be sure to take your camera as you never know what Mother Nature will have in store for you.